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Past Productions


Spring Awakening 

Book and Lyricks by Steven sater

Music by Duncan Sheik

Directed by Gary Grant

Choreography by Dustin Martincich

Musical DIrection by Paul Helm

Run Dates: April 15th, 2016-April 19th, 2016

Spring Awakening, set in late 19th century Germany, centers around a group of school children trying to navigate their sexual blossoming admist the oppressive surveillance of their parents and teachers. As the children begin to explore their bodies and seek information, they are confronted with an ugly reality of shame tactics, and are forced to bear the repercussions of their parents' silence.
In Spring Awakening, I played the role of Thea, a vibrant and curious young girl whose world is permanently shifted by tragedy. As she grows through out the play, she must learn from the mistakes of her parents and peers and find a way to retain her vital personality and constant optimism.

"Listen to what's in the heart of a child."

When Push Comes to Shove

written by Joseph Scapellato

Directed by Samantha Phillips-Norton

Run Dates: February 19th, 2016-February 22nd, 2016

When Push Comes to Shove follows the story of seven college students who go on a camping trip to the notoriously haunted "Pit Cave". While there, they must confront their individual relationships with violence, love, and grief.
Originally conceived to showcase fight choreography, When Push Comes To Shove features many battles, both with hand-to-hand combat and weaponary choreography.  
When Push Comes to Shove recieved its world premiere at Bucknell University's Tustin Studion Theatre. There, I played the role of Hanka, a rebellious free spirit with a haunted past and a broken present.

"Like Blair Witch Meets Beckett."


Written by 

directed by Anjalee hutchinson

Run Time: APril 15th 2015-April 19th 2015


101 is an original devised piece created by an ensemble of actors, directors, and writers underneath the direction of Professor Anjalee Deshapande Hutchinson. It's conceptual axis dealt with different types of knowledge, particularly the knowledge young adults gather throughout their university experience.


I took on many different roles for this production, both backstage and onstage. I served as the assistant costume designer, and was involved throughout the scriptwriting process. However my most challenging task was co-writing and acting in the role of Evelyn, a older sorority woman who has be conditioned and brutalized by rape culture.

"There is no college experience..."
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